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In addition to good production quality, we work with you to ensure
your presentation and marketing message "flows" without distraction.

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for the first time is a


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Elevator Pitch Video, Elevator Speech Video, Video SEO Content, Teaser Video, Online Marketing Video, Product Demo Video, Client Testimonial Videos or "How To" Informational Video product...
the common thread is this: VIDEO is still THE "hottest thing" on the internet. In fact, just having some video - ANY video content - on your website, blogsite, LinkedIn or Facebook page will attract search engine spiders to boost your online visibility for
your company, your special offer and... you. And that's a good thing! But what happens when a "perfect prospect" arrives to watch your video? Do they FEEL strongly compelled to contact you after watching? We all buy what we want - not what
we need. Now, if that were NOT true, we'd ALL be very rich and very thin. At what point in your company's sales cycle do you deploy your video, to whom, when and with what frequency? There is a difference between just having video and having an
At-a-Glance produced video as part of your marketing strategy. Before going forward, I must explain that we're NOT talking about making a video and posting it on YouTube or Facebook just for fun is... fun. I've done some of those too, and shared
with family and friends. We're talking about a business building, cashflow generating marketing tool. There is only one reason to hire At-a-Glance Marketing to produce one or more of the flavors of video listed above. "To qualify and attract prospects
who you convert into clients. Period." That's it. My trusted associates and I (aka, Marketing Mavens) happen to be unique qualified to make such a promise. I'm an experienced "Response Marketer" and "Commercial Advertising Photographer."
And by "experienced" I mean... old. <GRIN> But I'm not too old to produce outstanding results (responses) through producing an online marketing video for you and your company. At-a-Glance Marketing will craft your "Teaser Video, Website
Welcome Video, Client Testimonials Videos, Product Demonstration Video all with same purpose in mind. To get the results you want from the audience we've targeted. That's why a video produced by At-a-Glance doesn't cost - it pays! All cliches'
aside, we'll craft your Teaser Video similar to a classic sales letter. It is scripted to identify your target clients challenge, offering your service, product or you as the
solution. It's the classic headache & aspirin formula. We then make a special offer,
include a call to action and your contact information. The run time of a Teaser Video is 30 to 60 seconds. Carefully crafted and correctly deployed your Teaser Video will generate response from qualified prospects you want as clients. It's a proven method
adapted to current day social media marketing and... it works! But don't take my word for it. Watch some of the client samples and client testimonial videos on this website. I get results for people just like you everyday. Jared "the Straight Shooter" Silver