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Teaser Marketing Video
is a proprietary service of At-a-Glance Marketing, a Response Marketing company in the Chicago Suburb of Barrington, Illinois.
Our passion is to improve the quality and effectiveness of your Marketing Video tools to attract qualified prospects and close more clients!
We believe that Video is the most powerful Marketing Tool EVER! ...when done correctly. We provide highly effective Marketing Videos.
A "Teaser Video" is the typical starting point - it's a marketing basic that answers the questions: Who are you? Why should I care... or
(What's In It For Me), Why should I believe you? And finally, Why should I respond now? In other words, a correctly produced
Teaser Video selects your audience, delivers the big benefits you offer to that audience, and gets qualified prospects to take action by RESPONDING
in some way; to Click Here for a free "thing" while adding their email to your data base so you can follow up with them later... on a recurring basis,
"until they buy or die!" :) ...or to contact you now to transact business. As I said, I feel this is the most powerful Response Marketing Tool EVER!
But don't take my word for it. Click the "evidence" button at the top of this website. My Marketing Maven colleague, Susan Sparks
has gathered just a small sampling of statistical proof of just how effective marketing video can be when you produce and deploy it correctly!

In addition to a basic Teaser Video (or instead of) you may wish to consider:

• Website Welcome Video • Client Testimonial Videos • a LinkedIn Profile Welcome Video •
• Product Demo Video • FAQ Response Videos • Video Tweet Series • Video Blog •

We can create any "custom flavor" Marketing Video needed to Get You Seen - to Get You Sales! Please contact me for details. Thank You.



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